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What is this?

OpenID and XRI are two great ways for SSO (Single sign-on),
but there is one problem though: no proper support for avatars!
So how do we solve this problem in a way that any website with
OpenID/XRI authentication can use avatar/profile images?
With your Claimed Avatar of course!

How do i get an OpenID?

You probably already have one, without knowing it!
To verify this, here's a short list of OpenID providers.
If you don't have an account on one of the listed providers, you probably don't have one.
Then either choose a provider to get one, or register an I-Name at one of the I-Name brokers.

What about my personal privacy?

I take personal privacy very serious so the only information stored on this website is your claimed_id in a very hard to crack SHA256 hash.
You will notice at login that i really don't ask any personal information.
There is one problem at the moment though, i don't have a valid SSL certificate yet for secure login over HTTPS.

How does it work?

When you login on a website using OpenID/XRI that supports ClaimedAvatar,
your avatar will be added automatically.

To upload your avatar

It consists of only two simple steps:
  1. Login with your OpenID or XRI identity
  2. Upload your avatar / personal picture (any animation will be removed)
Our system will backup the image and create a default avatar of 80x80 or smaller.
You may then use it on a website by linking to:
http://claimedavatar.net/[YOUR HASH VALUE]

Develop integration into your website

You need an OpenID/XRI library for login and then on your own website:
  1. Login with your OpenID or XRI identity
  2. hash the claimed_id using SHA256 (NOTE: a-f are in lowercase)
  3. Link to: http://claimedavatar.net/[HASH VALUE]

Any other sizes supported?

Yes, several other sizes are supported. Currently they are:

If you need a different dimension please post a request on the discussion board.

How can i keep this service alive?

Hosting this server currently costs nothing, but when many people start using this service it will eventually costs me a lot of money to keep it online. Untill i've figured out how to make this service a non-profit organization so that it can stay online forever, I appreciate it that you either donate or subscribe an amount of money that best suites you.

What will the future hold?

Why not use the default OpenID AX image?

Some OpenID providers (like Google) don't support the OpenID AX extension images. This makes webdevelopers very upset because users will not have an avatar.

Why is this different compared to others like Gravatar and Pavatar?

Most other systems require some personal information like:

  1. your email address (Gravatar)
  2. your own website with a link to your image (Pavatar)
Since this does compromise your personal privacy in some way it may not suite you.

Known issue

Although Google supports OpenID, their support also contains an issue. Google GMail OpenIDs are specific to the domain you create them on. In other words, the GMail OpenID URL used on claimedavatar.net is different on an other website. This is completely by design, but I should note that no other known OpenID provider to date has done this except Google. To their credit, they do offer proper named OpenIDs in the form of Google Profile OpenIDs. Therefore only Google Profile OpenIDs are supported.

ClaimedAvatar is an idea of DJ Maze.
He holds no responsibility for inappropiate or offensive avatars, but when they are reported they will be removed immediately.