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Avatars are picture icons which represent you in chat, in comments, on networks etc. They are quite common and popular.
Rather than having your image associated to your email address (like Gravatar), it will be associated to your OpenID / XRI account. Thus, whenever you participate on a site supporting OpenID / XRI and ClaimedAvatar, your avatar will appear right beside your comment (example).

Upload your avatar

It consists of only two simple steps:

  1. Login with your OpenID or XRI identity
  2. Upload your avatar / personal picture (any animation will be removed)
The system will backup your image and create a default avatar of 80x80 or smaller.
You may then use it on a website by linking to:
http://claimedavatar.net/[YOUR HASH VALUE]

More information can be found in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

I've written a simple plugin for WordPress. You may download it here.

ClaimedAvatar is an idea of DJ Maze.
He holds no responsibility for inappropiate or offensive avatars, but when they are reported they will be removed immediately.